Know The Latest Healthcare Technology!

Technology really affects everything in our lives. As of today, it made almost everything for us much easier than in the past. Whether it is about communication, transportation, and entertainment – everything was improved by that said technology. Nowadays, even in health concerns, technology really improved everything. Through hit certification, patients have given more opportunities or chances to be cured of their illness as well as Doctor and other medical teams to be an instrument in treating patients with the help of the technology in the healthcare.


Throughout the year, different technology in healthcare has been made to touch every patient’s lives. At some point, this technology focuses on the equipment that medical professionals uses for the purpose of treating and helping their patients. Today, I will share with you some of the latest advances in the technology of health care in the year 2016.


Technology in HealthCare Advances in 2016

• Mobile Stroke Units: These ambulances are made for any authorized staff members to do some test such as blood tests, CT scans, and TPA test before they arrived in the hospital.

• Wearable Wireless Sensors: Wearable sensors and other devices such as mobile applications were made to reduce hospital stays and reduce serious chronic conditions if the devices were utilized well by the health officials.

• Spectral computed tomography: It will enter again the tools that are being used in the technology of healthcare.

• Blue-violet LED light fixtures: this light was made to kill or disinfect harmful related bacteria which are a major cause of mortality, morbidity, and an increase of health issues in different parts of the world.

• SpaceOAR: it is approved for those who are diagnosed with prostate cancer. It is designed to protect organs as well as tissues from the radiation treatment.

Thanks to these improvements in the technology of healthcare, we can be at ease that it will be easier for us to be treated. Well, still all of our health concerns are in the hands of God.

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